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Routing, routing, routing

Just a few of the tools used to calculate our route.

While we continue to gain support for the expedition we've been simultaneously updating our route for a number of reasons. In the spirit of transparency we want to detail these changes and why they've been made.

1. Total mileage is now 75. Previous mileage estimates came in at 80 miles. While this is certainly still a possibility, our current route has shaved 5 miles off after we've rerouted to maximize our calendar for open water and rest days. For example we've cut the mileage around the United States Point.

2. We've added a day to the first leg of our route before we enter the BWCA to allow for a few stops along the way for media and sponsor opportunities. These shorter days will help us get our rhythm and allow for any unexpected dealings with motorized boat traffic in this area.

3. As we continue to finalize our route, you can see it in real-time as it's updated on our Google map, and our trip planning spreadsheet (which gives even more info to geek out on).

- Nick

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